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  • Mini MacBook Air Mirror [pic + video]

    Just when you thought Apple’s MacBook Air couldn’t get any smaller, it has been miniaturized!  The downside is that it is no longer a functional computer but a small mirror.  This mirror that looks like Apple’s MacBook Air is called the MirrorBook Air and is available from this French web store for around $27.  If […]

  • Fail! Apple MacBook as a Book [pic]

    It never ceases to amaze me just how many stupid things make it passed the editors and into books, magazines, pamphlets, ect.  Considering how drawn people are to pictures, you would have thought that a mistake this big surely would have been caught before going to print but apparently some people out there are even […]

  • Super Mario Bros Vinyl MacBook Decals [pic]

    Like many geeks, I have been known to decorate my computers with various stickers.  Often that includes stickers from various hardware manufactures that I manage to grab at LAN parties, but in the case of my MacBook Pro, I am currently sporting this awesome Tropical Moon skin from DecalGirl.  However, I think that is about […]

  • Poor man’s Apple laptop [pic]

    About a month ago, we showed you how one man decided to make his own Apple computer with an apple, some tape and an old laptop.  In that same line of humor, today we have another poor man’s Apple laptop made from a Styrofoam food take out box.  Thanks to Break.com for posting this!  If […]

  • Apple Announces it is Leaving MacWorld, Shoots Itself in the Foot

    Greetings Readers! After feeding the animals at work I came back to my computer moments ago to discover, thanks to Twitter, that Apple is no longer going to be at MacWorld after this year.  Not only that, but Steve Jobs isn’t even going to give the keynote for this years MacWord. To say that this […]