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  • The Millennium Falcon Dual PC/MAC Case Mod [pic + video]

    One of my favorite parts about LAN parties are the case mod competitions that are known to take place.  I’ve seen everything from computers made to look like treasure chests to computers that are built into the tank of toilets.  However, out of all of the case mods I have seen, this Millennium Falcon computer […]

  • Syncing = Computer Sex [comic]

    I got a good laugh when I saw this comic so I thought I would share.  I don’t think I will ever think about syncing my various devices with my PC the same ever again. Pass this along to any computer and gadget lovers you know!  Like us on Facebook too! [Source: Sci-ence via Geeks […]

  • An Update is Available for Your Computer [comic]

    Stickycomics has a cartoon up showing the attitude difference between Windows, Mac and Linux users when it comes to system updates.  The cartoon (below) is funny but I am not sure I agree with all of it.  I will admit that I hate Windows updates just because I don’t like restarting my computer, but I […]

  • Tips of the Week #9

    Welcome to Tips of the Week #9!  Without further delay, here are all of the great tips and tricks I have found across the internet over the past week.  Browse the list and see if you find something interesting to you.  Feel free to share with us in the comments about which of these links […]

  • Why must Windows take forever to shut down?

    Greetings Readers! First off, I want to apologize for not blogging much lately.  Life has been very busy and I have been rather uninspired until a day or two ago.  Also, the Global Geek News Podcast will return next week.  Now that that is out of th way… Have you ever noticed how terribly long […]

  • Firefox 3 is Here!

    Greetings Readers! UPDATE!  This is the correct link for Firefox 3 Final release! It seems that Mozilla is unable to handle all the traffic from Firefox 3 Download Day so I have the direct link to the file for those who want to download Firefox 3 but don’t want to wait all day to access […]