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  • The Ultimate Millennium Falcon Bedroom

    The Ultimate Millennium Falcon Bedroom

    I’m trying to get better at posting on GGN more regular again and it definitely helps motivate me when I see amazing things like this Millennium Falcon bedroom that belongs to one very lucky Star Wars loving kid.  Seriously, every Star Wars fan will envy this kid! When I was a kid, I can’t say […]

  • Rocking horses are boring but this Star Wars X-Wing rocker is cool!

    Rocking horses are boring but this Star Wars X-Wing rocker is cool!

    I can’t say I have ever had any desire to have kids but if that was to ever happen, I would absolutely want to get this Star Wars X-Wing rocker for them.  At this point, I would call rocking horses a cliché while an X-Wing rocker is just plain awesome! This amazing Star Wars X-Wing […]

  • Kid Rides Awesome Tauntaun Snow Sculpture [pic]

    Are you one of the people that have been hit by the recent Christmas time snow storm?  Are you looking for an idea for something fun that you can make out of all of the snow that got dumped in your neighborhood?  How about making some awesome Star Wars snow sculptures with all of that […]

  • Little Kid Rides AT-AT Made Out of Snow [pic]

    A few days ago, we got a couple of inches of snow (3″ at most) but it wasn’t enough to do anything fun with.  In fact, it was just enough to make my car spin out and slam into a curb.  Well, apparently somebody got a decent amount of snow recently as they decided to […]

  • R2-D2 Baby Clothes [pic]

    It seems like many people, especially women, like to go crazy about how cute an outfit is for a baby.  However, I don’t think I have ever seen what I would consider a cute baby outfit…until now!  This R2-D2 baby outfit is one I can get on board with! Etsy seller TheWishingElephant is selling this […]

  • A Tusken Raider Pushes a Pod Racer Baby Stroller [pic]

    Maybe it is just because kids out grow them so quickly it might not be worth the effort, but it seems like few parents bother to customize their kid’s stroller to make it look cool. However, there is one dad that seems to have gone above and beyond when it comes to geeking out their […]