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  • Amazing Halo: Reach statistics [infographic]

    Its safe to say people are going pretty crazy with Halo: Reach lately and nothing backs that up more than this infrographic with some shockingly big numbers. ¬†Here are just a couple fascinating facts from the Halo Reach multiplayer between 9/14/10 and 12/10/10. 24 THOUSAND YEARS has been spent playing the game There has been […]

  • Microsoft's CES Keynote was a major snooze

    Greetings Readers! As I am sure many of you are aware, last night was Microsoft’s CES 2010 keynote and if you watched it, you know that the most exciting thing that came out of the keynote was the power failure that delayed it close to 30 minutes (We live blogged it here).¬† As I stated […]