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  • Global Geek News Podcast #56

    Here are the shownotes for episode #56 for the Global Geek News Podcast. Subscribe on iTunes Download the MP3 Help support us with a $5/mo subscription! Stories: Windows Phone 7 official, lacks flash and multitasking France votes Tuesday on net censorship NBC plots crackdown on Olympic pirates Australian judge rules facts cannot be copyrighted Racist […]

  • Want Blippy Invites? I have 9 left to give away

    Greetings Readers! Today I am giving away some invites to the awesome new service (still in beta) called Blippy!  For those that haven’t heard of Blippy before, I recommend finding out more about it on [email protected] #133 but it is basically Friendfeed for purchases. Blippy aggregates your purchases from a number of different places and […]

  • Twitter believes we are too stupid for @ replies

    Greetings Readers! Normally I am fast asleep at the time that I am writing this, but it is quite warm here and I can’t sleep when it is hot.  Not being able to sleep, I decided to browse the new posts on my Google Reader.  After sifting through all of the stuff I don’t care […]

  • Aggregated Media Guilt

    Greetings Readers! Do you ever feel guilty when you get behind on podcasts, rss feeds, tweets or any other form of aggregated media?  I have been suffering from this guilt which I like to call ‘Aggregated Media Guilt’ or AMG for short for quite some time and I think its time to address it here. […]

  • How Do You Pick Your Social Networking Friends?

    Greetings Readers! Last night, I was playing around with the cool new website, socialmedian, when I came across a post about the dangers of random friending.  This story got me to thinking about how I choose my friends on my various social networks.  After giving some thought to it, I thought it would make for […]

  • Twitter vs FriendFeed

    Greetings Readers! I have been using Twitter for close to a year and FriendFeed maybe half that time at best and I feel its finally time for me to declare which service is better.  Before I announce the better service, I should say that their overall function is similar but not exactly the same. For […]