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  • This Lord of the Rings Gollum Cake is Incredible!

    It has been a while since I have posted a cool cake so when I saw this one, I knew I had to post it.  I have posted some pretty amazing Lord of the Rings cakes in the past including a cute Gandalf on a hobbit hole birthday cake and an amazing Dark Tower cake […]

  • One Ring Cake to Rule Them All [pic]

    Nothing says ‘I love Lord of the Rings’ quite like a cake that looks like the One Ring.  If you can’t get a giant cake like the Dark Tower cake with the Eye of Sauron that I posted back in December, a One Ring cake would still work great for any Lord of the Rings […]

  • This Hobbit Inspired Wedding Cake is Spectacular! [pic]

    Thanks to the busy holiday season, I never did make it to the theater to check out the Hobbit movie although from everything I have heard about it, I am really looking forward to seeing it when it comes out on Blu-ray.  However, apparently there was one happy couple that got to see the movie […]

  • This Lord of the Rings Dark Tower Cake is Mind Blowing! [pic]

    Back in April, I posted a picture of a really cool looking Eye of Sauron cake / cupcake tower but as cool as it was, it isn’t half as impressive as this Dark Tower of Barad-dur (aka The Fortress of Sauron) cake. Lord of the Rings fans will have their mind blown by the cake […]

  • Gandalf Playing the Bagpipes While Riding a Unicycle [video]

    The Unipiper has spotted doing his bagpipe playing while riding a unicycle bit again!  In the past I have posted videos of the unipiper riding his unicycle while dressed as Mario and playing the Super Mario Bros theme as well as being dressed as Darth Vader and playing the theme to Star Wars. This time […]

  • Epic Eye of Sauron Hobbit Book Display [pic]

    Having moved over to ebooks years ago when I got my Kindle 2, I haven’t been in a physical book store in years.  However, I know there are a lot of people out there who don’t want to move into the 21st century and still prefer reading physical books and buying from brick and mortar […]