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  • Link Meets Ezio in This Awesome Mash-Up Cosplay

    Link Meets Ezio in This Awesome Mash-Up Cosplay

    This morning I was kind of struggling to find something to post on here for my usual Wednesday post yet I found myself with an abundance of post ideas for my Fanboy Fashion blog so I decided to take one of those and post it on here since I hardly ever post cosplay on here […]

  • Assassin’s Creed Ezio Ring [pic]

    I’ve seen a lot of awesome cosplay, but what are the Assassin’s Creed fans to wear if they want to show off their love for the game without going all out and doing an entire costume?  Well, one option would be this awesome Assassin’s Creed inspired Ezio ring! The folks over at Much Needed Merch […]

  • Amazing Assassin’s Creed Birthday Cake [pic]

    I have found lots of awesome gaming related cakes to post over the past couple of years ranging from Super Mario Bros to Sonic the Hedgehog, but this is the first this is the first time I have ever posted (or seen) an Assassin’s Creed cake! Unfortunately, I don’t know who made this stunning Assassin’s […]