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  • This Pac-Man Watch Costs Nearly $18,000 [pic]

    There are a lot of things you can do with $18,000 like buy a car or remodel your house but if if you are a huge Pac-Man fan, you can spend it on one of these amazing watches! The creator of this beautiful Pac-Man watch is watchmaker RJ-Romaine Jerome.  Part of the reason this watch […]

  • The Most Expensive Laptop Stand Ever [pic]

    Its probably a good sign that you have too much money when you build a laptop computer stand out of for other 4 other laptops, especially when they all happen to be MacBook Pros.  This stand alone, not even counting the MacBook Pro the guy is actually using, probably cost $5000-$6000 to build.  That is […]

  • Circuit City Puts One Foot in the Grave, Hopes it isn’t Shoved In

    Greetings Readers! In case you haven’t opened your feed reader or checked your favorite tech blogs today, there is more bad news surrounding Circuit City.  They have announced the closing of 155 stores across the country (list here).  This of course comes on top of the news last week that Sony has stopped shipments to […]