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  • Let the Power of the Dark Side Flow Throw You With This Darth Vader Cake [pic]

    When it comes to Star Wars cakes, I have posted some pretty impressive ones in the past.  Ironically, I find the most impressive ones tend to be the Darth Vader cakes.  For example, a while back I posted a 500 lb life-size Darth Vader cake and then there was one with Darth Vader surrounded by […]

  • Awesome Darth Maul Cake [pic]

    When it comes to Star Wars cakes, it seems rather common to see R2-D2 cakes or Darth Vader cakes, but it isn’t every day that you come across a rather impressive looking Darth Maul cake!  Well, for the Darth Maul fans out there, today is your lucky day because that is exactly what I have […]

  • This Fan Made Darth Vader Mailbox is Awesome! [pic]

    In my neighborhood, nobody has the traditional mailbox anymore.  Some have a little metal box attached to the side of their house at the front door or like me, just have a mail slot in the front door itself. Well, it seems one person in an area that still uses the old fashioned mailbox decided […]

  • NASA’s GRAIL Provides First Video of Far Side of the Moon [video]

    I am a huge space enthusiast so when I saw a few of my favorite sites posting the new video from NASA showing the first video from GRAIL (Gravity Recovery and Interior Laboratory) showing the far side of the moon, I figured I should share it as well.  I find the video to be quite […]