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  • Fantastic Doctor Who Cupcakes and Birthday Cake

    There aren’t too many shows these days that people of all generations enjoy but Doctor Who is one of those few shows.  I have met people that have been watching it for the 50 years that it has been on as well as little kids that are huge fans of the show.  Just a couple […]

  • This Doctor Who Inspired Cyberman Cake is Adorable! [pic]

    In the past, I have posted some really cool Doctor Who cakes including a Dalek cake that might be mistaken for a real Dalek and even Matt Smith’s 30th birthday TARDIS cake.  However, as cool as those both are as well as the many other Doctor Who cakes I have posted, I think this Cyberman […]

  • Fantastic Doctor Who Cookies [pic]

    Thanks to the holiday weight gain that I experienced this past holiday season due to all of the cookies I ate, I have cut back considerably on the number of cookies that I have been eating and by cutting back I mean I have hardly been eating any.  However, if somebody put this plate of […]

  • The TARDIS Has Been Framed by Bad Guys in This T-Shirt $10 Today ONLY! [pic]

    When it comes to geeky t-shirts, it seems like Doctor Who is taking over my closet.  I think I now have more Doctor Who shirts than Battlestar Galactica which I never imagined would happen.  But, as long as those daily deal t-shirt sites are selling awesome Doctor Who shirts for $10, I will keep buying […]

  • Fantastic Doctor Who Fake Fingernails [pic]

    Do you love Doctor Who and enjoy wearing fake fingernails?  Then I have found the ultimate Doctor Who fake fingernails for you!  Personally, I have never understood the appeal of fake fingernails as I don’t find long fingernails to be attractive and when I have more than a weeks worth of growth on my own […]

  • Doctor Who Chess Set [pic]

    I don’t play chess as often as I used to but I have always loved novelty chess sets.  I’ve posted a couple in the past like the Star Wars chess set and the Legend of Zelda chess set but I think this Doctor Who chess set is my all time favorite.  DeviantART user EldalinSkywalker is […]