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  • Custom Mass Effect Converse Shoes [pics]

    One of the things I enjoy posting the most are custom shoes that are really geeky.  I don’t care whether they are high heels or a pair of sneakers, I love me some geek shoes!  In the past, I have posted everything from spectacular Super Mario Bros shoes to some rather cartoony Mass Effect shoes […]

  • Star Wars LEGO Hoth Battle Chess Set [pics]

    Its not very often that I find somebody who will play me in chess (I don’t care much for playing computer opponents because they always seem to kick my butt), but I have always enjoyed seeing novelty chess sets like this awesome Star Wars LEGO Hoth battle chess set! This amazing Star Wars LEGO Hoth […]

  • Hand-Painted Angry Birds Shoes [pic]

    Although I still play new levels of Angry Birds when they come out, I have largely kicked my addiction to playing Angry Birds.  While I still enjoy playing the game, eventually you get to the point that you realize you aren’t going to score any higher on the levels so you just kind of give […]

  • Hand-Painted Batman and Catwoman Dark Knight Rises Shoes [pic]

    I hate to admit it, but I still haven’t seen the Dark Knight Rises movie yet, but hopefully I can change that this week.  However, for those that have and are huge fans of the movie, then I figured you want want to see this amazing Dark Knight Rises shoe! I recently posted about some […]

  • Custom Tron Drag Racing Camaro [pic]

    Considering I work at a salvage yard, you would never know it but I am not much of a car guy.  I do most of the work on my car (there are some things you can’t do now that cars are all computerized) and I have been known to work on other cars when asked […]

  • Star Wars Batman: Custom LEGO Batjet X-Wing Fighter [pics]

    Here is one of those crazy combinations that I bet you never thought you would ever see.  LEGO mastermind Kevin Ryhal is the creator of this crazy combination of a Star Wars X-Wing fighter (with R2-D2) and Batman’s Batjet (Batman included).  The combination might sound a little strange but it is completely badass.  I think […]