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  • Amazing Captain America Cupcakes [pic]

    If there is somebody that doesn’t love cupcakes, I have never met them.  In fact, without evidence that such a person exists, I would highly doubt any claims that there are people who don’t like cupcakes.  It is certainly possible that there are people who don’t like cupcakes but I am highly skeptical.  Anyway, speaking […]

  • These Minecraft Cake and Cupcakes Are Blocky Goodness

    There are a ton of people that seem to be huge fans of Minecraft but I can’t say I am one of them.  I have seen a lot of people make some really cool stuff in Minecraft such as Microsoft Office’s Clippy from years ago but beyond recreating stuff in the game, I just don’t […]

  • Awesome Worms Cupcakes [pic]

    One of my favorite things about the popular Worms games is just how absurd it is.  Sure, it is a lot of fun because there is a lot of strategy involved, but just the thought of worms trying to kill other worms with flying sheep, concrete donkeys, and exploding bananas is so silly it is […]

  • Awesome Lord of the Rings Cupcakes [pic]

    A few days ago, I posted some amazing Hobbit cupcakes to celebrate the release of the new Hobbit movie and since it seems everybody is still in a Tolkien frenzy, I figured it would be appropriate to post some awesome Lord of the Rings cupcakes too! These delicious looking Lord of the Rings cupcakes were […]

  • Spectacular Hobbit Cupcakes [pic]

    Although I haven’t had the opportunity to catch the new Hobbit movie yet myself (I usually like to wait a couple of weeks to see a movie anyway to cut down on the number of people that I have to deal with in the theater), I have been hearing a lot of great things about […]

  • Fantastic Doctor Who Dalek and TARDIS Cupcakes [pics]

    With the Doctor Who Christmas special less than two weeks away, I figured to help get you excited for the Doctor Who Christmas Special (not that you needed another reason to watch it considering we are already getting a new companion) I’d share some pictures of these fantastic Doctor Who TARDIS and Dalek cupcakes! The […]