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  • Pedobear Crosswalk Sign [pic]

    I’m not exactly sure where the pedobear internet meme started (probably 4chan), but it looks like it has invaded a kids crosswalk now!  I have no clue where this was spotted (our kids crosswalk signs don’t even look like this), but whoever did this definitely has a sense of humor, even if it is kind […]

  • Pac-Man Eats Crosswalks [pic]

    I always thought that all of those tiny dots that Pac-Man ate wouldn’t be that filling which was why he had to eat so many of them and it looks like I may have been right about that.  Apparently he has become so hungry that he is now eating those solid lines of paint at […]

  • Portal crosswalk button sign [pic]

    Not long ago, we posted the picture of a caution wet floor sign that looked like a portal sign when turned sideways.  Well, now we have another Portal sighting in the real world but rather than being a long existing item, this appears to be a custom made sign.  Sadly, it looks like it is […]

  • Crosswalk trail, our generations Oregon Trail [pic]

    According to the anonymous reader that sent this image along, this Oregon Trail inspired picture was spotted on a crosswalk post somewhere in LA.  The beloved Oregon Trail game gave you several options when it came to crossing a river and this picture takes that idea and applies it to crossing the street.  It is […]