Tag: Comedy

  • LMAO: Mario Gets Career Advice from His Agent [video]

    The awesome people over at Dorkly have done it again.  They have come out with a new Dorky Bits video that I think has unseated the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Dorky Bits video as my favorite.  In this hilarious little cartoon, Mario gets some advice from his agent and the tips he gives him are […]

  • The roast of Facebook [video]

    I’ve always greatly enjoyed watching the Friar’s Club roasts in the past.  It is amazing that they can get away with airing some of that stuff on Comedy Central.  Well, this might not be the Friar’s Club roasting Facebook but it as just as good.  Instead we have other Web 2.0 sites roasting it although […]

  • Steve Wozniak on The Big Bang Theory [Video]

    Steve Wozniak was on last night’s episode of The Big Bang Theory.  Woz played himself in the show and it was quite an entertaining segment.  In case you missed it, here is the clip from last nights show with his appearance. The Big Bang Theory is an awesome sitcom, especially for geeks and it airs […]