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  • Amazing Star Wars Cars!

    Amazing Star Wars Cars!

    I always get really excited when I see some sort of geeky vehicle on the road.  A few blocks from my house there is a truck with an amazing God of War tailgate and I’ve even seen an Ghostbusters Ecto-1 pickup driving around.  Well, while I haven’t seen any of these amazing Star Wars cars […]

  • Pac-Man and Ghost Remote Controlled Racers [pic]

    After all of these decades, are you finally tired of playing Pac-Man on a screen and want to play it in real life with a friend or family member?  Well, now you can!  Meet the remote control Pac-Man racers featuring Pac-Man and Blinky the ghost! The people over at The Fancy are selling this awesome […]

  • Star Trek Fish Car Emblem [pic]

    Where I live, its fairly common to see cars inching around town with all kinds of stuff plastered on their bumpers.  Especially on election years, the bumpers are dominated by political bumper stickers, but one thing that seems constant no matter what the the of year is the fish on people’s bumper stickers.  Most are […]