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  • Get instant search in Firefox with InstantFirefox [video]

    The awesome crew over at Tekzilla has found a great little Firefox extension called InstantFirefox that brings Google’s new Instant Search functionality to Firefox.  You can now type in your address bar and get instant search results from various sites which is really cool!  Check out the video below for all the details.

  • How to default YouTube to HD

    If you are like me, especially if you view YouTube videos in full screen, you want the video to be at the video to be playing at the highest resolution possible which of course isn’t the default.  The Tekzilla crew has found a great Chrome extension (I assume you can probably find one for Firefox…

  • My Thoughts on Google Chrome

    Greetings Readers! Sorry it has been so long since I wrote anything.  Starting today, that will change.  Today I wanted to talk a bit about Google Chrome.  So without further delay, here are my thoughts on Google’s Chrome browser. I will start off with what the browser does well.  The browser is amazingly fast.  Thanks…