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  • Doctor Who Fan Builds Augmented Reality TARDIS That Really is Bigger on the Inside

    One of the fun things about Doctor Who that I think most people find really cool is the fact that the TARDIS is bigger on the inside than the outside.  It seems like such a crazy, unintuitive idea that you can’t help but be interested in it and constantly wonder how something like that is […]

  • This TARDIS Actually Is Bigger on the Inside [pics]

    Whether it is in the comments, on twitter or on Facebook, it seems like somebody always makes the “is it bigger on the inside?” joke whenever I post something TARDIS related.  Its an appropriate joke for some posts but for many I feel like it is a little tired and overused.  However, once in a […]

  • I Want This TARDIS Refrigerator! [pic]

    If there is one thing that I wish was bigger on the inside than on the outside, it would be my refrigerator.  It seems like even when the fridge is full of stuff, there is never anything in it that I want to eat at the time.  This is why I think a TARDIS refrigerator […]