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  • How to maximize your battery life in Windows 7

    The awesome Tekzilla crew over at Revision 3 posted a short video on how to get the most out of the battery life on your Windows 7 machine.  Check out the video tip below and let us know how much your battery life improves from taking advantage of the tip.

  • Sony sets the PSP Go up for failure

    Greetings Readers! As many of you know, I am a longtime fan of Sony’s PSP and I was initially looking forward to its sequel which turned out to be the PSP Go, but unfortunately it appears that Sony has set the portable gaming device up for failure.  There are three primary ways that Sony is…

  • The secret to netbook success: Battery life!

    Netbooks have been the hot item now for quite a while but the latest numbers out are showing a slowing in growth for netbook sales.  While taking a quarter of the mobile computing market is impressive, if manufactures and retailers want to continue to ship these low margin products, they must focus on one thing,…