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  • Beef and Bacon Triforce of Power [pic]

    Why is it that I always come across things that involve food (especially bacon) when I didn’t get a chance to grab breakfast on my way out the door to work in the morning?  Its like internet is playing a cruel trick on me and its making me hungry! Speaking of bacon, it seems one […]

  • Darth Vader is Surrounded by Flames in This Cake [pic]

    I love a good Star Wars cake, but the detail on this Darth Vader cake makes it one of the most impressive I have seen!  The detail on the Darth Vader figure as well as the flames around him is quite impressive!  I also find the use of a candle as his lightsaber to be […]

  • Bacon flavored toothpaste?! [pic]

    For some reason that I still can’t explain, bacon has taken the geek community by storm the past couple of years.  While I have always loved bacon, I even got into the bacon blog post craze in the past with this picture of Ham Solo in Candybaronite, I have never quite understood the fascination with […]

  • Sounds yummy! Ham Solo in CandyBaronite [pics]

    Keeping with the tradition of posting awesome geek food here on Global Geek News, today’s food related post is called Ham Solo in CandyBaronite by its creator at BooTurtle.com.  This yummy looking treat takes the iconic Star Wars image of Han Solo in carbonite and uses that as a mold for this chocolately, bacony, peanut […]