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  • Atari Landfill 8-Bit Legend T-Shirt is $11 Today Only!

    Atari Landfill 8-Bit Legend T-Shirt is $11 Today Only!

    Unless you have been living under a rock, by now you have heard the news from a couple of weeks ago that one of gaming’s biggest legends has been proven true.  Microsoft and others dug up the landfill in New Mexico where legend had it that Atari dumped a ton of old E.T. cartridges among […]

  • This Atari 2600 Cake is Spectacular [pic]

    As far as I can remember (and my memory sucks), I don’t think I have ever had the opportunity to play an old Atari game console.  As a kid, my family always stuck with getting me Nintendo systems although there was the rare occasion I got to play systems like the Intellivision at a relatives […]

  • Working Atari 2600 lamp [video]

    I’ve never had any desire to take anything I own and turn it into a lamp but Monkey Labs has had that urge and they came up with a really cool Atari 2600 lamp.  You can find a ton of pictures of it here at Atari Age but below is a video showing this really […]