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  • This TARDIS Stained Glass Lantern is Fantastic! [pic]

    Stained glass feels like a bit of a lost art these days because there are so few people that know how to make it.  It is still a pretty common thing to see in churches, but when was the last time you saw a lot of stained glass outside a religious building?  The fact that […]

  • Amazing First Generation Pokemon Cross-Stitch [pic]

    I’ve seen some pretty crazy cross-stitch creations in the past such as the Legend of Zelda stained glass cross-stitch design I posted earlier this year, but I think this Pokemon cross-stitch blows everything else I have ever seen right out of the water. This insanely complicated Pokemon cross-stitch was created by a woman named Linda […]

  • Fan Made Super Mario Bros Piranha Plant and Warp Tube [pic]

    It always makes my day when fans of Global Geek News share the awesome and geeky things with us that they have created.  In this case, Twitter user @VideoGameRescue sent me a link to a post about a Super Mario Bros warp pipe with a piranha plant in it that they made.  I think the […]

  • 3D Stained Glass TARDIS [pic]

    Stained glass seems to be a bit of a lost art these days.  It almost seems rather rare to even see stained glass outside of a church.  In all of the time I have been blogging, I think this is only the second post I have ever done about stained glass (The Legend of Zelda […]

  • Knit Your Own Death Star [pic]

    Even as a kid, I always hated having to do arts and crafts type stuff.  Whether it was at school or church or wherever, I would have preferred to be playing video games rather than making something ugly out of noodles and string.  Well, for those that are not like me and love to do […]

  • Cute Team Fortress 2 Plushies [pics]

    I’ve never been one to collect plushies but I will admit these Team Fortress 2 plushies are pretty cool.  Being a huge TF2 fan, I kind of want these but I really don’t know where I would put them because I have more crap than I need as it is!  Anyway, DeviantART user krowzivitch is […]