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  • Social Media Explained Humorously [pic]

    I am often asked many things about social media from why it is important to what you are supposed to do with various services like Twitter, Instagram, Google+, LinkedIn, and Foursquare (among others) and after a while, I tend to get tired of answering those same questions over and over again.  From now on, when […]

  • An Ashton Kutcher tweet only gets you 13,000 clicks

    Image via Wikipedia Have you ever thought to youself, “I could get a huge amount of traffic to my site if I could just get some celebrity with millions of followers to tweet about it?”  A company had that dream realized but the results are less than spectacular. Ashton Kutcher tweeted a video from a […]

  • Why Hulu will never be on the Xbox 360

    After Microsoft’s E3 press conference yesterday, there seemed to be a lot of sad people that had been hoping to see Hulu on the Xbox 360 but it is a very safe bet to say that it will NEVER be on the Xbox 360. Here is why… If Hulu would come to the Xbox 360, […]

  • Why ‘Live Twittering’ is a Horrible Idea

    Greetings Readers! I have another rant again today.  Hopefully I will have some more upbeat things to write about after this but today’s topic really irritated me this morning so after gathering my thoughts, I decided that I should address the idea of “live twittering” here. ‘Live Twittering’ is likely a new term to most […]

  • I have been BANNED from!

    Greetings Readers! I have some rather suprising news for you today.  I have been banned from!  For those who don’t know what happend, I will catch you up to speed before I post all correspondence that I had with Digg support. Last week I made a wrote one of my insightful blog posts about […]

  • AP Issues DMCA Takedown Notice, Enrages Blogosphere

    Greetings readers! For those that don’t spend their free time staring at their feed readers waiting for something to change, a major story has hit the blogosphere today about the AP issuing a DMCA takedown notice.  The notice was sent to the Drudge Retort, the left wing equivalent of the Drudge Report.  While sending such […]