Mandalorian and Grogu Wood Carving

Incredible Mandalorian Wood Carving

There are times that I have wished I had the skills to build something amazing with my hands.  I mean of course I can code some amazing things with my hands but I mean like working with wood or metal or something.  That just isn’t in my DNA.  But there are plenty of people who have those skills and one of them made this incredible Mandalorian wood carving!

I have no idea who made this incredible Mandalorian wood carving to give them the credit they fully deserve (so if you know who they are, let me know in the comments below) but I came across this picture on Facebook from a Craig Scott-Davies saying that he spotted it at Royal Norfolk Show in Norwich, UK.

This incredible Mandalorian wood sculpture features the Mandalorian (of course) and Grogu (aka baby Yoda).  The amount of detail on this wood carving is just insane!  Whoever carved this Mandalorian sculpture has some serious skill!  And I can only imagine just how many splinters they ended up with after making something this beautiful.  My hands hurt just thinking about all of those splinters!

If only this was for sale, I would love to have it sitting in the corner of my basement which needs something to make it a lot geekier now that I have it cleaned up.  The phototherapy unit for my cancer treatments just isn’t geeky enough for me!

Do you have any wood working or metal working or other hand based skills that you have created something amazing like this?  If so, I would love to see what you have made in the comments below!  I love giving people props for the amazing things that people build based on the skills that they have spent much of their life acquiring.

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