Boba Fett Pop Display Is Amazing!

I don’t know who comes up with the ideas for making cool displays out of pop (or soda if you prefer) boxes in grocery stores, but I feel like they are some of the most under-appreciated artists of our time.  In this particular case, I bring you an amazing Boba Fett pop display!

For the past couple of weeks, my fiancé and I have been watching our way through The Mandalorian and The Book of Boba Fett so when we saw this amazing Boba Fett pop display, we both thought it was really cool!

Sadly, I have no idea who made this incredible grocery store Boba Fett pop display or even who took this picture or where they spotted it but it is incredible!  If you happen to know any of that information, please let me know in the comments below so that they can get the credit they deserve!

I have posted some really amazing pop displays in the past like the Darth Maul pop box display and this Super Mario pop box display just to point out a couple of them.  They are my favorite form of art that I have ever seen in a grocery store.

If you ever come across geeky pop can displays like this in your local grocery store, snap a picture and send it so that I can feature it!  I love seeing this kind of stuff, especially when it involves Star Wars which I am currently obsessed with.

That brings me to a fun question to answer in the comments below.  What is your favorite kind of pop/soda?  I can’t say that I have one myself since I can’t stand carbonation so pop just isn’t for me.  But I am curious to know about you!

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