Star Trek Sugar Cookies

Amazing Star Trek Sugar Cookies

Recently I posted some rather spectacular DS9 frosted sugar cookies and so when I saw these Star Trek sugar cookies from the same baker, I knew I had to share these just like I shared the others!

Speaking of the others, before I continue, I should link you guys the Star Trek: Deep Space Nine sugar cookies from the same person that made these amazing Star Trek sugar cookies.  And they are every bit as amazing as these cookies are!

Speaking of that same person, the amazing baker behind these incredibly frosted Star Trek sugar cookies is reddit user u/bmakingcake.  Apparently they posted these on Reddit about a year ago but apparently I didn’t see them then and only found out about them because of the DS9 cookies post.

To say that they did an amazing job with these cookies would be an understatement!  Whether its the Riker’s beard cookie or the Picard and the 4 lights cookie, they are all insanely well done and they look way too good to eat!  These are true works of art and the thought of them being eaten kind of breaks my heart because these are too special!

I wish I had this kind of talent when it comes to making cookies.  I usually just buy the pre-made ones I can slap on a baking sheet and put them in the oven because otherwise I will just eat the cookie dough and they will never make it to cookies.

Have you ever made any really geeky cookies like this?  If so, let me know about them in the comments below and feel free to share some pictures!

Share this with any Star Trek fans you know!  And make sure to follow me on Twitter (@pcnerd37) and say hello!  I always love hearing from the amazing Global Geek News readers.






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