Star Trek: Discovery Trailer

The Star Trek: Discovery Trailer is Here!

Like the rest of you Star Trek fans, I have been very anxiously awaiting the new Star Trek: Discovery trailer.  From everything that has come out so far, the fact that it is on CBS All Access instead of normal TV and with all of the delays and such, to say that I have been skeptical of the new series would be putting it mildly.  Well, now the Star Trek: Discovery trailer is here and we finally have more than vague statements and rumors to go on.

Below the video, I will have my thoughts on the trailer since I don’t want to spoil anything.  So make sure to keep reading after you watch the video below.

Ok, so here are my thoughts on the Star Trek: Discovery trailer.

First of all, the cinematic feel WAY too movie like for my taste.  With all of he lens flair, you would think the JJ Abrams is in charge of this series.  For a Star Trek television (or in this case internet series thanks to the CBS All Access garbage) series, I don’t feel like such a look is appropriate.  Between the look and the fact that they clearly have WAY too big of a special effects budget, I am now seriously worried that the classic Star Trek storytelling will take a backseat to beautiful visuals.

Speaking of the visuals, I do like the look of the new uniforms.  Maybe not as much as DS9 uniforms but I still like them.  As for the starship Discovery, I do like the overall ship design.  One minor gripe I have with the bridge is that I think it should have two levels like the TNG Enterprise and Voyager.  I think it makes for a better visual to have people walking down to the lower level to address the Captain.  And speaking of the Captain, I am not a fan of the actress they chose for the roll.  I can’t say I have cared for her other work that I have seen and I really don’t think she will make much of a Captain.  I hope I am wrong about that but at this point I find the choice disappointing.

The looks of the new species seems interesting although I am really hoping that those are not the Klingons like the clips placement in the trailer might suggest.  I’m not sure about having a species whose entire purpose is to sense death but I will wait and see with that one.  And there is one major canon gripe I have with this trailer and that is the use of the holo-communicator.  In the Star Trek universe, that new technology didn’t show up until Deep Space Nine episode “For the Uniform” on-board the Defiant.  It should not be on a pre-Kirk starship!

Overall, there is a lot I don’t like about the trailer and I have far more doubts about it than I did before.  I hate to say it but I suspect the only bright future this show has involves a lens flair.

What do you think of the Star Trek: Discovery trailer?  Does it give you more hope for the series?  Is all hope lost and you just plan to ignore it?  What details did you notice about it and what do/don’t you like?  Let me know in the comments below!

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