Super Mario World Music Cover

Epic Super Mario World Music Cover By A One Man Band

Anybody who has been reading Global Geek News for a while knows that if there is one thing I love, its really good and unique video game music covers.  Whether they are metal versions of classic gaming songs (my favorite), or a capella versions, I love them all!  Well, I came across another style of game music cover that I absolutely love in the form of a one man band!  This video is an awesome Super Mario World music cover with one guy playing a ton of different instruments to recreate the games music and even its sound effects!

The awesome YouTuber samuraiguitarist is the one man band responsible for creating this epic Super Mario World music cover which is complete with sound effects!  And when I say this guy is a one man band, in the video he plays everything from multiple guitars to drums to a harmonica to a tambourine to the keyboards and more!  And of course no one man band would be complete without some cowbell too!  I didn’t count all the different instruments he plays but its quite impressive!  I wish I had musical talent like that!  Or any musical talent for that matter.

Super Mario World is one of my all time favorite games, and one of the reasons is because of its music so as you can guess, I especially love this Super Mario World music cover.  I’d even put it up there with the guy that rides a unicycle while dressed as Mario and plays Super Mario World music on the bagpipes.

If you know of any awesome video game music covers that you think I would enjoy, tell me about them in the comments below!

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