Game Boy Clock Mod

Fan Mods Old Game Boy Into A Clock

I have quite a few old Game Boys laying around but as far as I know, they are all still in working condition.  However, apparently one Game Boy fan had one laying around that I am guessing wasn’t functional anymore so they decided to turn it into a really cool clock!

I’m not entirely sure of who did this awesome little Game Boy clock mod that features a Super Mario game (Super Mario Land I think?) with Mario on the hour hand but it appears to have come from twitter user @moja_sen.  Not speaking the language the tweet was written in, I’m not exactly sure what it says to have an idea if they were the creator or not.  Whoever made it, it is definitely a cool way to give a little more life to an old Game Boy!

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Game Boy Clock Mod
Game Boy Clock Mod

[Source: Twitter via Gamnesia]



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