This TARDIS Ukulele is Fantastic!

It has been a long time since I have posted a geeky musical instrument so when I saw this TARDIS ukulele, I knew I had to post it.  There is nothing better than combining my two greatest loves, science fiction and music!

In the past, I posted a really cool Doctor Who inspired TARDIS guitar better known as the GuiTARDIS but you don’t see ukuleles that often which I think makes this TARDIS ukulele even more special.

Etsy seller celentanowoodworks (the maker of the Pac-Man ukulele I posted in the past) is selling this fantastic TARDIS ukulele for $700.  I really have no idea if that is a good price as I have never looked into buying a ukulele before but I would guess it is a decent price considering the awesome TARDIS design.  Feel free to correct me in the comments below if I am way off about that.

If you know any ukulele playing Doctor Who fans, make sure to send this link to them, otherwise just share this with any Doctor Who fans you know because they will think it is pretty cool!  Like us on Facebook too!

If you or somebody you know happens to get this, send us a video of you playing it and we will share it on here!

TARDIS Ukulele
Doctor Who TARDIS Ukulele
Doctor Who TARDIS Ukulele
TARDIS Ukulele

[Source:  Etsy via Geeks are Sexy]






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