Amy Pond The Girl Who Waited T-Shirt $11 Today Only! [pic]

The first step to overcoming an addiction is to admit that you have an addiction and my addiction is geeky t-shirts from those t-shirt a day sites that sell great shirts for dirt cheap.  It is not an addiction I really want to overcome but it is either that or convert my basement into a giant closet for all of my geeky t-shirts because I have outgrown my bedroom closet.

While I am trying to cut back on the number of shirts I buy, there are shirts like the one below that are absolutely necessary for me to own.

If you have been reading Global Geek News for any length of time, you probably know I am a HUGE fan of the geeky artwork by Megan Lara and generally buy any shirt with her artwork on it.  Well, now there is another shirt I am going to be buying that I think any Doctor Who fan will love!

The geeky people over at TeeFury are selling this Doctor Who themed Amy Pond: The Girl Who Waited t-shirt today only for just $11!  The shirt is one of a series of similar Doctor Who shirts designed by Megan Lara and Omega Man 5000 and I think this one is my favorite (I have all of the others).  The t-shirt comes in either black, cream or dark chocolate (brown).

I haven’t decided which color shirt I am going to get as I normally prefer black since it usually makes the designs stand out a little better but since it is summer time and black isn’t exactly a cool color, I am debating choosing one of the other colors because nearly all of my shirts are already black and something cooler would be nice for the summer.  Which color are you going to get?  Let me know in the comments below!

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The Girl Who Waited Shirt
Doctor Who Amy Pond The Girl Who Waited T-Shirt

[Source:  TeeFury]


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