This Balloon Dalek Costume is Amazing

While I admit that balloon animals can be really cool, especially the ones i have posted in the past like the epic Master Chief balloon animal I posted a long time ago or the Sonic the Hedgehog balloon animal.  However, it is not often that I will see one in person because where there are balloon animals, there are usually clowns and since clowns freak me out, I usually try to keep my distance.  However, if I could have just the balloon animal and no clown, that would be awesome!

Well, speaking of a cool balloon animal and no clowns, Doctor Who fans will love this amazing Dalek balloon costume one woman made.  Patricia Balloona made this fantastic Dalek balloon costume for what I am guessing is some sort of convention.  I wish I had the great balloon manipulating skills like she does!

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Dalek Balloon Costume
Doctor Who Dalek Balloon Costume

[via Neatorama]


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