Eye of Sauron Lollipops [pic]

If there are two things would make for natural lollipops, it would be the Death Star and the Eye of Sauron.  I posted about the Death Star lollipops last week so I figured today would be a great day to feature some Eye of Sauron lollipops.  Nothing says I’ve got my eye on you quite like some Eye of Sauron lollipops.

Etsy seller designerlollipop (the same person that created the Death Star lollipops) is selling these amazing and borderline creepy looking Eye of Sauron lollipops for $13.  You get 6 of the lollipops in your order and they are cherry flavored.

I don’t know how you can get this kind of detail on a lollipop but they look amazing!

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Lord of the Rings Lollipops
Eye of Sauron Lollipops

[Source:  Etsy]






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