Darth Vader’s Tie Bomber Cake [pics]

For all of the zillions of Star Wars cakes I have posted in the past (just search for “Star Wars Cake” over on the right to see all of the awesome cakes), I can’t recall any of them being a Tie Bomber.  Sure, there are plenty of Death Star  and Millennium Falcon cakes, but I can’t recall a single Tie Bomber cake.  However, I must admit that after 2600 posts on this site alone, I have been known to forget posts.  Anyway, I finally have a Tie Bomber cake to post!

Chef JB Cada and Stephanie Santos from Quezon City, Philippines-based bakery, The Regali Kitchen are the creators of this amazing Darth Vader’s Tie Bomber cake.  I have no clue who Patrick is or what his episode 1 is, but whatever the occasion, this looks like an awesome cake and a really cool party!

Why don’t people ever invite me to parties like this?  I like cake.  I like Star Wars.  Somebody invite me!

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Star Wars Tie Bomber Cake
Darth Vader’s Tie Bomber Cake
Star Wars Party and Tie Bomber Cake
Star Wars Party

[Source:  The Regali Kitchen via Geeks are Sexy]



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