Doctor Who Sonic Screwdriver Pen [pic]

Last week I posted about some really cool Star Wars lightsaber pens and since that seemed to go over pretty well judging by the response it got on Twitter, I thought you guys would also enjoy a Doctor Who sonic screwdriver pen!

The Doctor Who loving folks over at ThinkGeek are selling this fantastic sonic screwdriver pen for just $15.99!  This pen normally runs $29.99 so if you need to do a lot of writing and have a love for the 11th Doctor’s sonic screwdriver, I would jump on this deal now while it is 47% off before it goes back up and you have to pay full price (which seems a bit much to me).

Just so you don’t get your hopes up let me stress that this is just a pen!  It doesn’t light up or make the sonic screwdriver sounds or anything, it just writes in black or green ink (who writes in green ink?!).  While I find the lack of sounds and lights to be disappointing, plain old pens are still cool!

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Sonic Screwdriver Pen
Doctor Who Sonic Screwdriver Pen

[Source:  ThinkGeek]