Stellar Star Trek Sulu and Spock Cakes [pic]

Although the original Star Trek was never my favorite (DS9 is for those who are new to Global Geek News), I still enjoy seeing amazing cakes from all of the different Star Trek series.  Even if TOS isn’t my favorite, I still thought these amazing Spock and Sulu cakes were so well done there was no way I couldn’t post them!

These stellar Sulu and Spock Star Trek cakes were made by the clearly talented cake makers at KupKake Tree.  The lifelike detail on these cakes is quite impressive!  The one thing that does feel a little weird is the Starfleet insignia on their uniforms as I think they look a bit like fortune cookies.  Even if it does feel a bit weird, I think that just adds to the charm of these amazing cakes!

If you are interested in more Star Trek cake action, check out the Star Trek TOS bridge cake I posted last year.

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Star Trek Spock and Sulu Cakes
Spock and Sulu Cakes

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