Doctor Who Ood Tea Cosy [pic]

Until today, I had never even heard of a tea cosy before.  I’ve seen people use a cozy for keeping the temperature of things like beer bottles, but never for a pot of tea.  Well, for those who are fans of Doctor Who and a good pot of tea, you can now keep your tea warm with an Ood!

Etsy seller knitnax is selling this cool Doctor Who inspired Ood tea cosy for $35.  This hand knit wool Ood tea cosy (which seems like just a fancy word for sweater) should fit a 6-8 cup size tea pot.

I’m personally not a hot beverage person so this wouldn’t get much use from me, but I’m sure there a lot of Doctor Who fans who would love this.  Speaking of Doctor Who and tea, you should check out the TARDIS tea infuser and the TARDIS tea pot I posted a while back.

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Doctor Who Ood Tea Pot Cosy
Doctor Who Ood Tea Cosy

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  1. Nerdvana Avatar

    That is … not appetizing.

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