Super Mario in a Warp Pipe Cake [pic]

I’ve posted a mountain of Super Mario Bros cakes in the past, but this one has kind of a different feeling to it compared to all of the others.  This cake features an 8-bit Mario halfway in a warp pipe which is surrounded by a red mushroom, Yoshi and various plants.

The creator of this awesome Super Mario cake is Beck Makes Cakes.  I’m not sure what the purpose was for this cake, whether it was for a birthday or wedding or what, but no matter what the occasion was, it is still an amazing cake!  Its nice to see 8-bit Mario getting some cake love for a change since most seem to focus on a 3D Mario.

However, what I really want to know is if Mario is going down the pipe or coming up it?  Share you thoughts in the comments below!

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Super Mario Warp Pipe Cake
Super Mario Bros Cake

[Via: it8bit]



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