This Donkey Kong Blanket is Amazing! [pic]

Like many old school gamers, Donkey Kong will always be one of my favorite video games.  I don’t even know how many hours of my childhood were spent climbing ladders as Mario and jumping over barrels that Donkey Kong would roll my way.

Well, for those out there who also have a love for the 8-bit classic, Etsy seller iamduckydale is selling this amazing Donkey Kong blanket for $260.  This afghan measures 5′ 9″ wide and 5′ 7″ long.  It also takes 6-8 weeks to make so if you are thinking about getting this for somebody for Christmas, I would recommend ordering now before its too late to get it in time!

I would order this myself as I would love to have a Donkey Kong blanket for the winter, but I don’t have that kind of money to be spending on a blanket these days.  So, if anybody wants to buy this for me, you are more than welcome to!

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Donkey Kong Afghan
Donkey Kong Blanket

[Source:  Etsy]



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