Doctor Who Guess Who Game [pic]

The classic board game Guess Who has been around for many years (I played many games of it as a kid), but it seems like nobody even thinks about it anymore because I haven’t even heard the game mentioned in at least a decade.  Well, I think it is time we bring the game back, Doctor Who style!

This fantastic Doctor Who edition of Guess Who was created by Karen Kavett.  Unfortunately, its not for sale anywhere, but you can make your own!  You can check out all of the details on how Karen created this Doctor Who version of Guess Who in her blog post about its making which is where you will also find the downloads for the cards so you can make your own Doctor Who?

Now, if only I had another Whovian friend that would play with me, I would see if I still had my old Doctor Who game somewhere.

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Guess Who Doctor Who Editions
Doctor Who Guess Who

[Source:  Karen Kavett via ThinkGeek on Facebook]




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