This Bowser Cupcake is Amazing! [pic]

Cupcakes aren’t the huge thing around here like they are in many parts of the country so I don’t get to have them very often, but I still love them!  However, the worst part about not living in cupcake country is that I never get to eat any awesome cupcakes like this amazing Bowser cupcake!

This amazingly detailed Bowser cupcake was made by Cake-ology and it is one of the coolest cupcakes I have ever seen!  The one thing that makes this cupcake unique is that Bowser is so big that this is actually TWO cupcakes!  I’m not sure how you would best eat two cupcakes at once but I would definitely be willing to give it a shot if I had the opportunity!

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Bowser Cupcake
Super Mario Bros Bowser Cupcake

[Source:  Cake-ology]



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