NES Zapper Holster [pic]

If there is one thing that would make a round of Duck Hunt even more exciting, it would be to add some quick draw action!

As a kid, when I would play Duck Hunt on my NES, I would always be aiming at the tv and ready to fire just to make sure I don’t miss any ducks but especially for the lower levels, that was kind of like shooting fish in a barrel.  Well, if you want to give yourself a bit of a challenge while playing Duck Hunt, then you should do like this guy and make your own Zapper holster that you have to draw your Zapper from!

A.F. 275 is the creator of this awesome plastic NES Zapper holster and not only does it look good, but apparently it works great because he was able to nail every duck in six rounds from drawing the Zapper from the holster.  This is what you call a great DIY project!

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Nintendo NES Zapper Holster
NES Zapper Holster

[Source:  A.F. 275 via Neatorama]

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