The Sims Style Censorship Bathroom Towel [pic]

Depending on where you sit on the perv scale, you either find the bathroom censorship of the characters in The Sims to be annoying or funny.  Well, one person that apparently finds it to be more on the funny end of the scale decided to make an awesome bath towel out of the idea!

Carmichael Collective is the creator of this amazing Sims style pixelated censorship bathroom towel.  Unfortunately, this awesome towel is just a concept and isn’t for sale anywhere.  I have a feeling that if they ever decided to create it for sale, it would be purchased in droves by fans of the Sims games like myself.

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The Sims Censorship Bathroom Towel
The Sims Pixelated Bathroom Towel

[Source:  Carmichael Collective via it8bit]