Darth Vader Helmet Birthday Cake [pic]

I suspect that many Darth Vader fans have been dreaming of having a Darth Vader birthday cake much of their lives.  Well, one person by the name of Jaegar apparently got just that for their birthday!

This awesome Darth Vader helmet birthday cake was created by Custom Cake Designs.  Both the cake and the Darth Vader helmet were made with chocolate mud cake with a chocolate fudge filling (talk about a chocolate overload!).

As awesome and detailed as this cake is, something just seems a bit off about the helmet.  It seems a tad squished or something.  It just doesn’t feel as tall as it should be although it could just be the angle the picture was taken.

Squished or not, this Darth Vader helmet cake looks great and would be one I would love to have for my birthday!

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Star Wars Darth Vader Birthday Cake
Star Wars Darth Vader Birthday Cake

[via Between the Pages]