Star Wars Meets Football with the R2-D2 Mini-Football [pic]

Have you ever wished that the worlds of Star Wars and football would collide?  Just the idea of a bunch of people dressed as Star Wars characters and playing football seems awesome in my head.  Sadly, I doubt that will ever happen, but if you still wish the two worlds would intersect, then you will love this awesome R2-D2 mini-football!

For the Star Wars loving football fans, you can order this awesome R2-D2 mini-football from Amazon for just $13.50!  For those curious just how “mini” this mini-football is, it measures 6″ x 5″ x 5″.  Now you have something besides a bowl of popcorn to pass around the next time you watch Star Wars!  Just make sure not to hit the bowl of popcorn with the football because that would be a major party foul.

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Star Wars R2-D2 Mini-Football
Star Wars R2-D2 Mini-Football

[Source:  Amazon via Nerd Approved]