XBOX Achievement Wedding Cake [pic]

There are a lot of gamers that seem to be obsessed with getting achievements on every Xbox game they can get their hands on.  I am not one of those people, but I know people like that.  However, I do have a t-shirt that says “Achievement Unlocked:  Bought this shirt” (which you can get from TShirtBordello for $14.99).

Well, it seems one happy couple finally decided to tie the knot and when they did, they got this awesome Xbox achievement wedding cake!  I’m not sure who the happy couple is or who made the cake but the cake turned out awesome and I wish them much happiness!

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Xbox Achievement Wedding Cake
Xbox Achievement Wedding Cake

[via Geeks are Sexy]


2 responses to “XBOX Achievement Wedding Cake [pic]”

  1. Jason Waller Avatar

    A coworker found this cake image on your site and I wanted to update this as being a cake my wife had made for our wedding.

  2. The Bride Avatar
    The Bride

    Cake by Magpies Bakery in Knoxville Tn and photo by Dixie Pixel

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