A Guy Made a TARDIS Photo Booth [pic + video]

I’ve never done the photo booth thing, but if I ever did, I would want it to be inside of the TARDIS!

I would have never even thought about it, but the TARDIS seems about the perfect size for making a good photo booth out of.  Well, that is exactly what Steve Long did!  He built a portable TARDIS photo booth that recently made its debut at a wedding.

This impressive 4′ x 4′ TARDIS photo booth is even officially licensed by the BBC so the guy can make back the money he spent building it (and then some I would assume).  Unfortunately, when it made its debut at the wedding, while it was a huge success, only one guy (the one in the picture) out of the 270 guests knew what the TARDIS was.

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Portable Doctor Who TARDIS Photo Booth
Portable Doctor Who TARDIS Photo Booth

[via Nerd Approved]



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