These Donkey Kong Shelves Will Blow Your Mind! [pic]

If there is one thing I could really use in my bedroom, it is some shelves.  It feels like a shame to have all of these empty walls that I could use to store stuff since the texture on my walls doesn’t really play well with movie posters (of which I have many).  Well, if I ever decide to actually build some shelves in my room, these Donkey Kong shelves are going to be exactly what I build!

These awesome Donkey Kong shelves that will send you back to an earlier, simpler time in gaming were created by designer Igor Chak and can hold up to 60 pounds!  For those curious what these shelves are made out of, they are made from stainless steel rods, carbon fiber and gaming greatness.  These shelves will be on every gamer’s remodeling plans this year!

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Donkey Kong Shelves
Donkey Kong Shelves by Igor Chak

[Source:  Igor Chak via Geek Tyrant]



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