The Death Star Carved from a Ping Pong Ball [pic]

Never in my wildest imagination would I have figured that somebody would carve up a ping pong ball to make it look like the Death Star.  I’ve seen some people do some pretty crazy things with ping pong balls like the guys on Mythbusters use them to raise a sunken boat, but I have never seen anything quite as impressive as this!

I can’t read Japanese, but apparently this awesome ping pong ball Death Star was created by some forums member known as tatumaru5963.  I don’t know how they made this, but they did an amazing job!  Even if it wasn’t the exploded version of the Death Star, the paint job is impressive enough, but to put in all of the painstaking detail of the exploded version is just crazy and completely amazing!

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Star Wars Death Star Made from a Ping Pong Ball
Star Wars Death Star Made from a Ping Pong Ball

[Source: via Neatorama]






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