Build Your Own Star Wars AT-AT From Diaper Boxes [pic]

Having no desire to ever have kids, I have no plans to have a collection of diaper boxes around the house.  However, should somebody give me a bunch of diaper boxes or something (the world is filled with strange people), at least now I will know what to do with them!

Kelly McQuinlan over at Offbeat Mama built this awesome Star Wars AT-AT out of diaper boxes and explains how she did it and includes a number of pictures so you can build your own if you have a few diaper boxes laying around. I’m kind of surprised at how well this turned out although if I ever do something like this, I will probably paint it up to look like a normal AT-AT because I don’t think I could live with the idea of having a Winnie the Pooh themed AT-AT in my house.

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Diaper Box Star Wars AT-AT
Diaper Box Star Wars AT-AT

[Source:  Offbeat Mama via Nerd Approved]






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