8-Bit Mario and Link Made from Skittles [pic]

I think it is safe to assume that at some point, all of our parents told us not to play with our food.  However, I’m not a big fan of that idea as I think it stifles a kids creativity and inner scientist.  Not to mention, if you play with your food, you can get things like this awesome 8-bit Mario and Link make out of Skittles!

Yesterday morning, I was hanging out on twitter looking for the latest news from the Waldo Canyon fire which is burning around 50 miles north of me when I stumbled across a tweet with this awesome picture of an 8-bit Link and an 8-bit Mario that had been made out of Skittles candy.  The tweet came from @raidz3ro although I’m not sure if they made these or somebody else. Whoever made them, they are awesome!

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8-bit Mario and Link Made with Skittles Candy
8-bit Mario and Link Made with Skittles Candy

[via @raidz3ro]



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